About Us

The Show-

The show is completely interactive. Everyone in the space contributes to the musical performance by singing, dancing (moving counts), or playing a variety of hand percussion instruments that we provide. From the opening note we all propel into a sonic and synergetic experience for 45-60 minutes…NON STOP. One song leads into another and there is always room for improvisation within. Our MC basically becomes the conductor and leads us to, through, and out of the event. All songs that are presented will be 100% danceable. We will provide danceable grooves no matter what genre the songs come from. Blues, rock, folk, metal, it doesn’t matter, they will all have some sort of funky twist. We will take whatever liberties we want to make the songs we choose fit the dynamic, aesthetic, groove, and feel of our events. EVERYONE moves. There are no walls or bars to lean on. You will be enthralled by, surrounded by, and completely engaged in the music. (And…since we know what an incredible elixir music is we want to keep the playing field level and ask that everyone enters free of any drugs or alcohol)

The Venue-

The venue has been acoustically designed and constructed to accommodate this type of event. We have optimized this space to provide you a most exhilarating, enjoyable, and memorable time. It is a very intimate space yet not claustrophobic. We keep the capacity small to insure everyone plenty of room to move, groove, and jump if need be. This room is so cool, so rad, so sick, that not only is it incredible to enjoy a live music event in, it also works well as a live recording room. All the performances will be recorded on audio for members to download (or for non-members to purchase). Because we are providing a “reprieve” from the barrage of visual and electronic association to music, we are limiting our video allowance to one hidden overhead camera that serves not only as a security measure and training tool, but also as an option only available to our TRP members. The room, you will find, will please you beyond measure.

The Partnership-

TRP is providing a true alternative for pro, amateur, and even hobbyist musicians to do what they love and be compensated. TRP offers ownership opportunities for those who qualify and align with our mission as well as a relatively vast array of options for those who simply want to share their music talent, skills, and art with others. There is not ever a cap on individuals we are willing to give a shot to, so if you feel that what we provide and who we are is a good fit for you or someone you know, contact us…we’ll talk.

The Vision-

We believe that what we offer is a missing component in music entertainment that has the potential of gaining worldwide acceptance. Our philosophy is to provide win-win-win solutions in everything we do as entertainers, a company, and ideally as humans. We believe ourselves to be a viable entity that can provide career and/or entrepreneurial opportunities to musicians who desire to do something significant with their talent, passion and skill out of the box of the industry standards. We believe ourselves able to be a recognizable and influential force in the music industry.

WHY??? -

Why The Reprieve Project???
Well, it’s simple…
To provide an alternative means by which musicians can do what they love and make a career or business out of it
To promote the interactivity of musicians and music lovers alike for the betterment of all
To shift the stereotypes put upon musicians and the stereotypes they have bought into
To promote social peace and mutual empowerment though the influence and power of music and community

And because for some of us, it just make sense…and means everything….